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Скользящая опора для изолированных трубопроводов SSG 7151

The edition SSG 7151 differs from the previous one in that the dimension range has been increased by Dk 711-1219. New strength calculations have been carried out in accordance with the Inspecta report no. 06-267300-00. Load limits for temperatures +20°C - +300°C have been introduced and dimension of the h dimension has been adapted to SSG 7149.

New material designations and standard references have been introduced. Sliding shoes in accordance with this standard are used as elements for sliding supports, guides and fixing units in accordance with Стандарт SSG 7005 - Type 11B, 12B, 13B, 14B, 15B and 36B. In the case of uninsulated pipes or pipes insulated for personnel safety, sliding shoes in accordance with SSG 7149 shall be used.

Sliding shoe made of pipe clamps SSG 7075, T section and angle. The longitudinal tolerance for T sections and angles shall during manufacture be adjusted so that bolts can be mounted in clamps.

Изготавливается из конструкционной стали EN 10 025.

At temperatures above 350°C the slider shoe must be manufactured from heat-resistant metal.

Скользящая опора для изолированных трубопроводов SSG 7151 бывает семи типов:

  • Тип 11BK
  • Тип 12BK
  • Тип 11BL
  • Тип 12BL
  • Тип 13BL
  • Тип 14BL
  • Тип 15BL

Sliding shoe SSG 7151 - Type 12 BK - Dk 11

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