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Нижняя часть подвижной опоры SSG 7175

The edition SSG 7160 differs from the previous one in that it has been expanded with several dimensions, Dk 711-1219. The value of max. permitted displacement has been introduced and the values for max vertical loads in the table have been adjusted. Sheet thicknesses and heights have been revised. New material designations and standard references have been introduced. Bottom parts of flexible supports in accordance with this standard are used as elements for Стандарт SSG 7005 flexible supports - Type 33.

Bottom part of flexible support made of clamp half SSG 7075E welded to plate, with or without bottom plate.

Изготавливается из конструкционной стали EN 10 025.

Осевой упор SSG 7160 бывает двух типов:

  • Тип A с нижней пластиной
  • ТИп В без нижней пластины

Bottom part of flexible support SSG 7175 - Dk 43 - H 600 - T 6

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